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Game A - Star Control:

This game is Star Control 2 themed. There are several features of this game that make it unique:

<*> 17 Alien Races
  The Good:
   Arilou, Syreen, Supox, Utwig, Yehat, and the Zoq-Fot-Pik.
  The Bad:
   Ilwrath, Mycon, Thraddash, Umgah, Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah (black), Ur-Quan Kzer-za (green), and the VUX.
  The Ugly (some are good, some are evil):
   Druuge, Orz, Slylandro probes (neutral), and the Spathi.

<*> 26 Unique Ships
  1 for each of the 17 alien races, the Sa-Matra, and 8 purchasable ships at Stardock (including 3 levels of Precursor Flagships).

<*> 5000 randomly generated planets, 10 mysterious Rainbow worlds, and 15 alien homeworlds.
  The 5000 randomly generated planets are based on actual Star Control 2 star cluster names. Many of these planets are rich with resources to gather and sell, offering a new way to earn credits. Note: Rainbow worlds, like in SC2, are valuable. To that end, these planets will randomly spawn credits up to 3 times per day (scripted event).

<*> You can now purchase "Homeworld" type planets. Due to the sheer power of these planet types, the cost is $1 billion credits. Contact Ohmz in game or use the feedback form below (Contact the SysOp) to purchase. To complete the transaction, place the credits in your Galactic Bank account to be deducted. Also, send the sector number you wish the planet to be placed in. You must control the sector being requested for delivery of your planet. All proceeds will go to the Melnorme Trader.

  This is intended to be a fun game. SD blockades, fighter grids that prevent free movement, player killing without mercy, planet dropping, and basically anything that ruins the fun for others will NOT be tolerated. We do expect and encourage a lot of player versus player activity in this game. We ask that players do NOT use combat scripts for PvP in this game. You are free to use scripts for anything else, but in the interest of fun and fair play, we want players to use their keyboards, not scripts when it comes to player versus player battles. There is no death limit in this game in order to keep players in the action as much as possible. As such, mothing is limited to 3 times per day for each player. This is a rule, since there is no way to control it via game settings. Please honor this rule. Any assets seized by violating this rule will be returned to their rightful owner. This applies to alien planets as well. Lastly, do not destroy or blockade the Rainbow planets.

- You can earn a lot of credits by just searching for planets with starports in the same sector. Feel free to take ownership of these planets and negotiate planetary trade. You can collect fighters off these planets as well.
- Only one ship can launch genesis torpedoes. You will have to hunt down a Mycon Podship if you wish to create your own planets.
- The ship stats are modeled after their counterparts in Star Control 2. The ships crew total becomes your maximum shields (100x multiplier), and the value of the ship from Super Melee becomes the max fighter count (2000x multiplier). For example, an Earthling Cruiser in SC2 has 18 crew and is worth 11 points. The Cruiser in this game will have 1800 max shields, and 22000 max fighters.
- The SaMatra exists as a planet somewhere in the game. Claim it for the ultimate prize, but beware, this task will not be easy. The first player/corp to successfully invade this planet will be rewarded with a unique SaMatra ship (not to mention you get to keep the powerful planet).
- Alien Homeworlds also make great trophies, as these planets can be heavily fortified.
- The Pkunk Fury escape pod is... another Pkunk Fury (to simulate the reincarnation possibility from SC2). You will only "reincarnate" once per ship.
- The only ship in the game capable of cloaking is the Ilwrath Avenger.
- The Androsynth Guardian is a planetary defense ship (like the Tholian Sentinel).
- Shofixti Scouts are free and can be loaded to max corbomite (20k).
- Turns regenerate at 2400 per day and will accrue up to 10 days, for 24k max turns.
- The Galactic Bank can hold a large sum of credits for safe keeping.
- Slylandro Probes are generally weak and the ships can be sold for profit.
- Most of the planet types have been changed to SC2 themed names, but their color and capabilities remain roughly the same. The only changes are increased equipment production for Earth type and Primordial planets, and quicker citadel upgrades for most planet types.
   Earth Type = Earth Type (unchanged)
   Volcanic = Magma
   Mountainous = Primordial
   Desert Wasteland = Lanthanide
   Oceanic = Organic
   Glacial = Selenic
   Vaporous/Gaseous = Gas Giant

We hope you enjoy the game!

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